Halfman is a multi-verse project dedicated to the love for the inner animal side of every individual. The archetype of hybrid creatures, half human half animal, has been met all over the world in different civilizations, showing how humanity sees it's most natural side in the animal kingdom. Psychologists and scholars of comparative mythology have long debated why human culture is so fascinated by hybrid creatures that combine attributes of both humans and animals. Scholars of folklore and mythology such as Joseph Campell maintain that these are psychological archetypes, ways of expressing our inner love-hate relationship with the animal side of ourselves from which we evolved.

In Halfman we offer an escape from the mechanical way of being, that we all suffer from in our dailly routine. Drinking, eating and connecting to each other in person in a friendry atmosphere with cool music vibes. We believe that nothing should break our moments of peace, while quality should be uncompromised in every detail of our experience.  Coffee, ice, glassware, cocktails, food, books, plants, spirits, wines, art, music are carefully selected based on quality, enviromental conciousness and comfort. Meet your other side with respect and acceptance.